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Unterhaltung Bücher
Entwickler AN Grupa

Bidstrup… It seems that everybody has heard this family name which belongs to the famous Danish cartoonist. Somebody definately saw some of his drawings in magazines, books and other print issues. Somebody had the good fortune to admire his artistic albums devoted to the cartoonist’s creative activity. Bidstrup used to draw caricatures, political cartoons, traveller’s notes, but he became well-known all over the world, mainly, owing to his comic books - small and funny stories in picture form.

Bidstrup is Dane, but his sense of humor does not have any national borders. These funny, ridiculous, tragicomic stories in picture form can understand everybody regardless his or her age and nationality. The subject of these stories varies from everyday life’s sketches, accidents at the streets, in transport, during holidays to various life situations, sometimes led to the nonsense.

If you want to raise your mood, digress from the current problems, calm down the stress and to rock with laughter present yourself with several minutes of pleasure - visit Bidstrups gallery of comics, remember what you have seen already once or discover these cartoons again. Be sure you wont regret!